3 Summer Skin Care Routine

3 Summer Skin Care Routine

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As the days grow longer and hotter our skin goes through many changes. For most of us, it becomes more oily and breakout-prone. Here are some tips to keep your skin hydrated and balanced.




Skin produces both sebum and sweat. Sebum is the oil and sweat is water. Both of these travel through the pores to the surface of the skin and act as a protective shield. Sebum both protects from external factors such as the sun, and wind as well as keeps any moisture in your skin inside.

When the external temperature increases, the body sees it as something to protect against, so it increases the oil production to stop any damage that the heat may cause.

Alternately, if your skin does not have enough hydration (water) it can become dehydrated and produce excess oil to make up for the lack of water. It is trying to seal up any holes where the water might be escaping causing rivers of oil to flow. So during the summer, it is super important not only to keep your body hydrated but also your skin.

We will not be able to stop our skin from producing oil, however, we can reduce the amount produced by changing our skincare routines to target the issues that cause excess oil production.

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Less is more, don't overdo it with many steps that are all thick in consistency. It might feel good at the moment to slather that cream on, but once you step out into the sun you will instantly regret it will while wiping seemingly endless amounts of grease from your face. Use a few light hydrating layers so that your skin’s oil and water levels are balanced.





It is extra important to clean the skin properly, if not the build-up of oil, sweat and dead skin cells along with bacteria and makeup can clog the pores and cause breakouts. Cleansing removes all the impurities including bacteria that can make breakouts worse. By getting rid of all the bad stuff on the surface other products will be more readily absorbed. 

Light moisturizer

The summer heat brings sweat, and sweat mingling with oil is not a cute look. Since looking like a ball of butter is most likely not your goal use a light moisturizer instead! In the summer since your skin is producing more oil than in winter/spring it is already lubricating itself and therefore using a thick cream isn't necessary. Light moisturizer can be lotions aka liquidy cream or a moisturizing gel, also called gel cream. The lightness of the moisturizer makes sure that your pores don't get irritated or clogged by excess moisture.


This is the perfect way to hydrate and cool skin down in a flash. After intense sports or just a day in the sun, a nice spritz down can refresh your skin and any irritation caused by heat or other external factors.


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Unfortunately this is the step most people skip because they don't like the greasy feeling or white cast most sunscreens leave behind, however, there is a solution! Asian sunscreens have much lighter formulas, of which many have no white cast. Look for products that say sun milk, fluid or gel, these are likely not to leave you greasy or with a white cast. 

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Since so much is happening during the day, playing sports and getting sweaty, wearing makeup or running through the city, use the nighttime as “repair mode” for your skin. These steps will help rebalance your skin after exposure to UV damage.


Use a gentle AHA or BHA to help remove some of the dead skin and to unclog the pores if there is some build-up. This will help to improve the texture, tone and even colour. It can also help make up glide on better!


Try to incorporate cooling masks such as sheet masks that have been put in the fridge. Try some of these DIY masks at the end of the day for a quick skin-replenishing moment.

Aloe Gel mask

Either blend up fresh aloe (skin removed) or use some aloe gel and slather it in a thick layer on the face (if using the real aloe soak cotton pads in the blended mixture and place cotton pads on the face), leave it on for 5-10 mins and wipe the residue off with a moist warm cotton pad. 

Honey mask

Measure out a tablespoon of raw honey and apply it directly to the face. Use less or more if needed but be careful! It can drip if you apply too much. Leave this on for 10 mins and wash off with warm water.

Clay mask

Clay masks are excellent at drawing out oils and impurities that are trapped in the pores. Use this once or twice a week to decongest the pores.

Camomile toner

Steep a cup of chamomile tea and cool it down in the fridge before you use it. Apply all over the face as if it is toner. You can save the excess for up to 2 days or drink it for its relaxing benefits.


These steps are really a lifesaver when it comes to summer. The heat and everything that comes with it can irritate the skin but with this skincare routine, it can drastically reduce the damage your skin goes through from the sun and other harsh environmental conditions. This summer stay safe, keep hydrated and have fun!

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