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<Kate, Jimyeong, Jamie>

<Jimyeong, Kate, Jamie from the left>

Kate Kim

Born and raised in Korea and studied Aesthetics in Seoul, Korea. I had worked in Skincare Clinics doing facials and other skin care related treatments. After a few years, I move to Canada and finished Aesthetic program at Seneca for 2-years and started working in spas providing skin care treatments. In 2014 came a big health scare and from that moment on I decided that I would pay attention not only to what went in my body but also on my body. I started to invest time into researching ingredients and what they actually do to the body. But with all this effort and research I still couldn't find a brand I could 100% trust. Brands would boast their great ingredients and then the so-called “great ingredients” would be close to the bottom of the ingredient list. So like always, I decided I would do something about it; I would make that brand.
In 2016 I founded NAKEDFACE, a company that would strive to be transparent, simple and clean. We started with a small lab of 2 people (a cute couple), making our 5 ingredient lip balm - Vanilla Kiss. Since then we have expanded our products from Loofah soaps to our star Hydrating Hand & Body lotion, all with the same goal in mind, to make products we can be confident in. My small team personally tests every batch, which is locally sourced, to make sure it is quality. I wanted to make high-quality products that were accessible to everyday people, and that could be tailored to everyone's unique skin care needs and goals!
Naked face is inspired by nature and curated by experts.
Join us and Have Confidence in Your NAKEDFACE.

Jimyeong Choi

I grew up with skin care as an everyday part of my morning and night time routine, regardless of my age. But as a young person, I didn't want to listen to that so I paid little attention to my skin until I started developing stress-related acne. So, I went to get treatments at the dermatologists' office weekly. That is when I got interested in skin care. I learned that my skin was dry and sensitive and that I would always have to be careful of what I put on my skin. That is why I had to be extra diligent, making sure nothing harmful was going on my face. I started focusing on my natural skin is the best it could be rather than covering it with a full coverage foundation. And, naturally, when I started to meet with Kate for her waxing services I got interested in the brand, especially since it was exactly what I needed in skin care. I joined the company with the assurance that I could use the products without fear and I wanted to share that security with others.
Thanks to them in now Have Confidence in My NAKEDFACE.

Cristal Bechard

I grew up in Canada and at the ripe young age of 11 I won the hormone lottery, my prize was acne! I ignored it until I got to middle school, when I started to be more aware of how I looked. The only skincare routine that I knew was based in the American skincare philosophy - your skin is against you so fight it. Luckily had oily skin, so the American mindset told me I had to over cleanse until my face felt squeaky clean, exfoliate with harsh scrubs constantly,  and to at all costs, AVOID OIL! This left my skin worse off than before I had done anything! I thought it was just my bad skin being bad, little did I know that it was this routine that was destroying my skin.
In college, I started getting into Korean culture and I was amazed by their actors’ and singers’ skin! I was inspired and started doing deep dives into the infamous “Korean Skincare Routine”. This changed everything for me, especially my skin. I fell in love with the idea that skin care could be a partnership with my skin. I started to learn what my skin actually needed and that it was not a battle with bad skin, but a mutual relationship where it communicated with me and I listened.
Since then I have become passionate about skincare, lifestyle, diet and the impact they all have on the skin. Providing knowledge to people who are curious about skin care in this ever-growing and confusing market has become a favorite pastime for me. But I found that many of my friends also have sensitive, irritable skin that is hyper-reactive to products. That is why joining the NAKEDFACE team that promotes simple and gentle all over body products was a good fit.
I want to help you Have Confidence in Your NAKEDFACE.

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