Jade Facial Massage Roller
Jade Facial Massage Roller

Jade Facial Massage Roller

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Product Description & Feature

  • Item Type : Natural Jape Guasha Facial Beauty Massage Tool Jade Roller Face Thin massager 
  • Material: Jade

  • Size :14.5CM*5CM(max Roller massager)*2CM(min roller massager)

  • Weight : 105g

  • Quantity:1


  • Gently massaging face by using Jade Massage Roller gives you a cooling effect and allows you to access into muscles and tissues with a pressure

Directions :

  • First, before the massage, take a massage tool and facial are clean. The face massage with a large jade roll, bottom-up, push the skin along the growth direction. This can be done to enhance the skin and will avoid sagging muscles.

  • Massage the eye, with a small jade roll, from the inside outward, clockwise massage. You can reduce eye lines. Can also prevent wrinkles.

  • Action must be gentle massage. Wrinkles did not force roll is slowly soothing. Massage once a day, every 10-15 minutes. Also, when Cawan skincare, the massage tool can be put into hot water heating device, then massage, to help expand the pores, accelerate skin absorption.

  • At last, the message toll put into in the refrigerator and then freeze what can help shrink pores but we must pay attention to control hot and cold temperatures.

Item might have a slight difference in colour, Vein and Lines because this is a natural material.