What is Private Label and White Label?

What is white label?

  • White label cosmetic products are pre-manufactured beauty and skincare items
  • Produced by one company that other businesses can rebrand and sell under their own name.
  • Created by third-party manufacturers and sold to various brands who then add their own packaging, labeling, and branding to make the product appear unique to their line.
  • Gives businesses wide range of cosmetic products without the need for in-house formulation, production, or testing, thus saving time and costs associated with product development
  • More accessible for businesses to offer as an additional revenue stream
What is private label?
  • Private label cosmetic products are custom-manufactured beauty and skincare items
  • Private label products are uniquely formulated according to the brand's specifications.
  • Involves a more collaborative process between the brand and the manufacturer, often including custom formulations, unique packaging, and branding elements.
  • More suited for entrepreneurs who want to create and build a beauty brand