Dr Mighael V

Certified Cosmetic Injector Dr Viljoen has over 7 years of experience performing cosmetic injectable procedures. He believes in treatments that are subtle yet effective to achieve natural looking results.
His interest in the world of cosmetic procedures started when he was 17 years old and had his own otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery) to correct oversized ears. After this he realized the enormous impact a procedure could have on ones confidence and how the world perceives them. This was the start of his motivation to attend medical school.
He received his medical degree in South Africa where he grew up, and moved to Canada in 2010 where after he completed his College of Family Physicians Certification (CCFP). He has been practicing as a physician for 13 years with a special interest in the cosmetic field. He is consistently upgrading his knowledge and skills to provide his clients with the latest techniques.
Moreover, as someone who has experienced first hand the change one's appearance can have on their demeanour, it has become his daily motivation to make people feel and look their best natural selves.
Make sure you see Dr Viljoen for your anti-aging and cosmetic needs.
Dr. Mighael Certified Cosmetic Injector_ nakedface beauty studio Dr. Mighael Viljoen

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Waxing Online Booking
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Thank you for your time. We add your mail on discount list on your next purchase. the code is 'REVIEW15'. Have a wonderful day!
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